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Why Agora?

Features Benefits
Precise extraction of features such as minutiae, core and delta(s) To accurately match fingerprints you need a precise extraction algorithm, and an accurate matching algorithm.  Agora has both.  When searching large databases a small error results in too many candidates.  When using acceptable quality finger images, Agora false positive and false negative error rates are equal or better than the most accurate AFIS systems in the World
Accurate matching of fingerprint templates
Adherence to fingerprint standards Agora FBI certified WSQ algorithm, generation of INCITS 378 template and ANSI/NIST Type 9 record template, ensure interoperability with other vendors systems at both the finger image level and finger template level
Configurable and scalable solution You can configure the Agora ID solution to fit the project needs.  Scalable from "all in a laptop" to hundreds of workstations connected to a server farm.  Screen and manuals in three languages.  Connect workstations to a URL via web services.  Configure a layout and scan tenprints and documents from paper records.  Select which peripherals are enabled.  And much more...
Comprehensive SDK All the systems integrator needs to deploy a project with fingerprint matching functionality is in the Agora SDK, including WSQ codec, 1:1 extract and match, rolled print capture and scalable 1:N search and match server solution
Experience Since 1996 Antheus has been developing and improving Agora, and deploying real life projects; and since 2000 Antheus has been supporting systems integrators to deploy personal identification projects all over the World
2D Scalability The Agora Scheduler and MatchServer is an AFIS solution scalable in two dimensions: number of people and frequency of transactions.  Just add clusters of MatchServers to cope with a growing database and a growing number of transactions per day
.NET Framework Ease of integration to existing systems, and ease of development of new solutions based on Windows forms applications or web applications.  With .NET Framework the developers gets a consistent programming model, a secure distributed computing environment, the development effort is simplified and the application deployment and maintenance is easier than ever
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