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Sample Projects: National ID

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  • Only one national ID per citizen

  • One to one biometrically based verification of identity, interoperable so as to serve as infrastructure for commercial use

  • Replacement of old national IDs non compulsive, when it expires the citizen gets a new one

The consultant goes back to his office and two days later comes back with the following recommendation:


General information

  • The country has 10,000,000 citizens 18 or older

  • Spread evenly 1/3 each, between new IDs, expirations and lost IDs they issue 2,400,000 per year in 200 working days, so each 8 hour day they process 12,000 people

  • There are 100 locations including central where citizens can go and get a their national ID.  5% are connected via fast DSL lines, 45% are connected via dial-up lines, and 50% send their transactions burned in CDs to the nearest office with a connection to central.  In total 500 workstations will be deployed with multi-functionality:

    •  4,000 per day identify 1:N and issue new ID

    • 4,000 per day verify 1:1 and replace expired ID

    • 4,000 per day identify 1:N and replace lost IDs.  Central will hold one database and servers to cope with demand

  • They will capture 10 fingers plain impressions and search 1:N with 2 fingers

  • Will use INCITS 378 as interoperable template embedded in 2MB contactless smartcard

  • Printing of IDs is done at central

  • Biometric searches must not last more than 24 hrs, and citizens get their ID over the mail in a few days.

  • 500KB per record using standard interoperable WSQ algorithm to compress images and a high quality photo compressed with JPG

  • With 10 fingers the records on matchers will consume about 10KB each of RAM




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