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Argentina Reincidencias
Brazil Porto Alegre Jail
Brazil Santa Catarina Civil ID
Brazil State of Maranhao ID
Brazil DETRAN Rio
Brazil Parana Sec Seguranza
Brazil Presidio Curitiba
Costa Rica Passport
Italy Bank
Malaysia Oil Rig
Mexico Jails
Mexico Foreign Relations
Mexico Veracruz CeReSo
Nicaragua National ID
Spain Galicia Workers ID
USA Hawaii State ID
Venezuela Jails
At the end of 1999 a systems integrator was awarded the State of Rio de Janeiro Driver's License Program (DETRAN).  Antheus supplies the Agora FingerClient for enrollment and Agora Scheduler-MatchServer system to prevent multiple identities in the database currently at 3,400,000 drivers as of February 2010. A total of 50+ enrollment stations were deployed, along with servers and network integration. The DETRAN project has been issuing modern plastic Driver's Licenses to drivers in Rio de Janeiro, and is a model for other states in Brazil.  The systems has 32 MatchServers working in parallel and controlled by the Agora Scheduler server software.
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