Sample Projects: Bank

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  • A customer goes to a bank's branch to open a new account

  • For this the bank requires a photograph, a signature and fingerprints.

  • After opening the account the customer can perform financial transactions at  any of the bank's 100 branches throughout the Country.  The branches are fully networked. Regardless of the branch the customer visits, the bank wishes to authenticate him  using the fingerprint captured at enrollment

The consultant goes back to his office and two days later comes back with the following recommendation:


General information

  • The bank has 100,000 customers

  • There is no need for to search and match one identity against many.  This is known as biometric 1:N

  • There are 100 locations including central where customers can open an account and perform financial transactions identification.  All is needed is 1:1 verification of identity to authenticate the customer

  • Central will hold one database and servers to cope with demand

  • They will capture 4 fingers plain impressions

  • Will use INCITS 378 as interoperable template

  • The customer or the branch employee will fetch the record including the fingerprint template and a 1:1 comparison is made with the customer's live captured fingerprint

  • 500KB per record using standard interoperable WSQ algorithm to compress images and a high quality photo compressed with JPG




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