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Agora 4 Estimator  
Enter data and press "Enter" to update the page. To get a quote capture screen and send by email to help@antheustechnology.com  
Step 1: If needed select Agora SDK and/or Agora SMS; need only one per company  
Do you need the Agora SDK for 1:1 and WSQ? .NET     Java    
Do you need the Agora SMS for 1:N for developers? .NET          
Step 2: Select Agora SDK components for your project    
Do you need 1:1 identity verification?      
Do you need WSQ compression / decompression?      
Do you need 1:N search and match for identification?          
Do you need rolled print capture?          
Step 3: Enter number of workstations      
How many workstations using components of Agora SDK will be deployed?    
How many central databases will be deployed?    
Number of identities for 1:N search and match (10K intervals) IDs  
Years of enrollment (from 1 to 5) years  
Working days per month days/mo  
Enter required response time h + m + s = 24.0000 hrs  
Number of fingers enrolled per person fingers  
Number of fingers searched per person fingers  
Agora Estimate                  
Software licenses from Antheus Technology Qty  
Agora SDK for .NET for 1:1 verification and WSQ codec   0  
Agora SMS for Developers for 1:N for up to 1,000 identities 0  
Agora SDK for Java for 1:1 verification and WSQ codec 0  
Agora FingerClient - Analysis and 1:1 Match 0  
Agora WsqClient - WSQ compression / decompression 0  
Agora MatchClient - 1:N search and match 0  
Agora Rolled - Rolled print capture for V300/V310 0  
Agora Scheduler Pro, allows N MS and 1 LU 0  
Agora MatchServer, for the number of identities, 10K intervals 0  
Total in US$ (does not include shipping)      
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