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Agora SDK 3.00 for Java on Windows

The Agora SDK 3.00 for Java has everything you need to develop an identity verification (1:1) solution that uses fingerprints as a biometric.  It includes fast and precise feature extraction to generate minutiae files, capture of flat  finger images, fast FBI certified WSQ compression and decompression, and accurate 1:1 verification of identity.


The SDK has two demonstration applications with sample source code to assist the programmer.


The Agora SDK 3.00 for Java on Windows includes four components:

  • ardAnalysis

  • ardMatch

  • ardWSQ

  • ardCrossMatch

System requirements

Pentium 4 class CPU or higher, Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista*, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 6, JAI 1.1.3 JRE – Windows-i586, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86), Aladdin HASP HL Key, Cross Match USB SDK version 4.5.1 and NetBeans IDE 6.1 or newer.


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