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Agora ID - Software Solution for Personal Identification

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Scalable II
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LE and CI versions
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Agora ID is a client/server configurable solution.  The systems integrator can adapt it and deploy projects for different markets driven by law enforcement and civil identity applications.  It comes in two versions: LE for law enforcement and CI for civil identification.  These are some of the features of Agora ID:

  ●  Easy enrollment of ANSI / NIST records
  ●  Adheres to standards for interoperability
  ●  Flexible. Configure Type-2 of the ANSI/NIST to deploy in many markets; in English and Spanish
  ●  Uses the Agora Scheduler-MatchServer for 2D scalability
  ●  Robust and resilient: Acceptor and Workflow services, Persistent database
  ●  Supports economic rolled print capture with single finger scanners and 4-4-2 livescan
  ●  Accurate one-to-one fingerprint verification
  ●  Accurate and scalable one-to-many search and match to catch multiple ID attempts
  ●  Available NOW!

Agora ID main screen
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